Q.   As an author how will I know how to sign the book?
  Q.   As an Author how am I paid?
  Q.   As an Author can I earn 5% on the book sales of Authors I refer?
  Q.   As a Member/Affiliate how am I paid?
  Q.   What does it cost to become a Member/Affiliate and how much can I earn?
  Q.   What is the difference a Premium Promotion and a Regular Promotion?
  Q.   How much can I charge for my personally autographed books?
  Q.   How does this work?
  Q.   Why do you use crypto currency instead of credit and debit cards?
  Q.   Who owns the crypto currency offered for sale on this website?
  Q.   How much of the Authorcation Currency can I buy?
  Q.   How much will Authorcation crypto currency cost?
  Q.   As the author do I have to promote this for it to be successful?
  Q.   Can I sell or swap the author's currency after I purchase it?
  Q.   Is this an Initial Coin Offering ICO for the author?
  Q.   Can I have a crypto currency created so that I can raise money to write my book?
  Q.   How do I register to have my book promoted by Authorcation?
  Q.   After the 48 hour promotion period can I still use the currency created for me?
  Q.   Can I sell more than one book with my crypto currency?
  Q.   How do I turn my crypto currency into cash?
  Q.   How will I receive the book I order?
  Q.   If I buy the currency do I have to buy the book?